Ladder Safety

Safe use and care of your ladder

  • Always inspect your ladder prior to using it.
  • Do not use a damaged ladder.
  • Face the ladder when climbing and working.
  • Wear non-slip footwear.
  • Use only non-conductive ladders where an electrical hazard exists.
  • Do not leave your ladder unattended.
  • Store your ladder in a covered location.
  • Be aware at all time of other people when using your ladder.
  • Using a ladder near a doorway is hazardous, lock, remove or block the door open.

Extension Ladders 4 to 1 rule

  • Ensure that the top & bottom of the ladder is secured against slipping.
  • Ensure the ladder lock is properly engaged on both rungs.
  • Ensure the ladder is extended 1.0 m above the roof line when using it to gain roof access.
  • When using long extension ladders, it is best to have an assistant.
  • Remember the four in one rule when using extension ladders. The ladder should always be 1.0 m out from the wall for every 4.0 m of vertical height.

Step Ladders

  • Double-sided step ladders should only be used in the fully open position.
  • Ensure the ladder is used on a firm level surface and stable.
  • Read the labels and do not stand where the labels say “Do not Stand”.
  • Ensure your body is centred between the stiles of the ladder at all times.
  • Do not stand on the top of a step ladder.

Bulk Delivery

For any orders with more than 2 ladders per delivery, you can request a special shipping quote.